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KDI School Program interests senior government officials

01 May, 2007 News Center 985

From January 20th to January 28th, 2007, the KDI School’s Center of Executive Education hosted the third Senior Government Officials’ Training Program as a continuation of the KDI School’s Workshops on National Agendas for the 21st Century. The general theme for the program was titled “Economic and Security Cooperation between Korea-China for Northeast Asia’s Peace and Prosperity”, with approximately twenty senior officials from key bureaus in Korea gathering to contribute to the workshop.

The workshop was divided into two parts, each in different venues, in order to maximize the resources each had to offer. A one-day workshop was held at the KDI School, and a five-day overseas program was organized in Beijing, China. Several distinguished experts, including Dr. Qi Bao Liang, Researcher of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, and Dr. Xu Changwen, Director for the Asia-Pacific Center of the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, were present to share their opinions regarding a number of different issues, enriching the pool of ideas that was formed. The objective of the workshops was to broaden the perspectives of senior government officials, and to understand the wide array of ideas that were present through continuous discourse. The workshops also aimed to enable government officials to use their experiences to initiate greater efficiency in policymaking and stronger international cooperation.