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KDI School open house draws applicants for 2019 from diverse backgrounds

12 Oct, 2018 News Center 1,897

Nearly a 100 prospective applicants for the Spring 2019 admissions visited the Open House hosted by the KDI School of Public Policy and Management on Saturday, September 15. Most of the 96 applicants were Korean but what was interesting was that they came from diverse backgrounds. There were graduating college students, government officers, employees of public corporations, and aspirants from private firms.                                          

“People believe they can get information from the website or Facebook or brochure. But I think many applicants who are interested to apply for KDI School will want to experience what is really going on in our school. That’s why we decided to have the Open House session,” said Byung-Kwon Lee, Admissions Office Head, in an interview with The Globe.

The Open house at KDI School is an annual activity.  But there was a difference this time in that KDI School professors themselves introduced the various courses being offered.  Professor Kim Dongseok, who represented the Master of Public Policy program, gave a brief overview of his course titled ‘Input/Output Analysis’.  Professor Kim Booyuel, from the Master of Development Policy program, presented the course ‘Foundations of Sustainable Development’, which he is teaching in the Fall semester.

Representing the Master of Public Management program, Professor Lee Junesoo discussed the core course on ‘Public Organizations and Management’.  “We provided a short, brief introduction about the courses the professors are teaching so that people can know what the contents of the course they are actually going to study are when they enter the school,”  Byung-Kwon Lee pointed out.

A current student, who joined in Spring 2018, also shared his thoughts about KDI School in his message at the opening of the Open House event.  “Last year’s open house was a very useful and informative event, which convinced me to choose KDI School. The school has great facilities as you can see, and professors who are very passionate. The introductory presentations about each program gave me a sound understanding of their value.” He also emphasized the rich diversity of the school’s student body as one of the unique, key features of KDI School. “I know the importance of understanding various cultures and the incentives these experiences can give us as students,” he said.

The closing date for applications to the KDI School is October 24. Successful applicants will be notified in December, ahead of the February 2019 intake. We hope that we will have many new, fresh faces next year at KDIS.

Patricia Anne PASSION (2018 MDP, Philippines)