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KDI School Joins ‘Children’s Traffic Safety Relay Challenge’

28 Apr, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,156

On behalf of KDI School, Dean Jong-Il You, Professor Sherzod Shadikhodjaev, Professor Joshua Merfeld, and Ph.D. student Iegor Vyshnevskyi participated in the Children’s Traffic Safety Relay Challenge. They all recognize the importance of keeping children safe in traffic, since they are currently raising children in Sejong City.

“To encourage more attention and participation in the campaign, we parodied the jacket photos of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album,” said Dean You. “We hope to create a safe transportation culture in the child protection zone as soon as possible.”

The Children’s Traffic Safety Relay Challenge is a participatory campaign launched by the Korean Ministry of Interior and Safety that started in December of last year in order to improve awareness of children’s protected areas and to establish a social culture that first prioritizes the protection of children. The campaign shares the official slogan of children’s traffic safety, as selected through a national public idea contest—that is, “First(1) Stop, To(2) Look Around, Three(3) Seconds to Wait, For(4) Preventing Accident,”—on social network services (SNSs) and nominates the next participants.

KDI School nominated Ms Ingyeong Yoo, a formal Deputy Director of Kyunghyang Shinmun, as the next participant.