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KDI School Joins 2019 Study in Korea Fair in Indonesia

16 Dec, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,652

KDI School of Public Policy and Management participated in the 2019 Study in Korea Fair in Indonesia, which was organized by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED), from November 9 to 10, 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Forty-two universities from Korea were given their own booths which were visited by around 7,300 students, parents and adults. This is around 3,000 more visitors than last year. There were also information sessions in the two-day fair wherein each university was given the opportunity to introduce their school and answer questions. For KDI School, some alumni came to share their experiences studying at KDI School and answer questions from interested participants.

The KDIS Team which included Min Young Seo, Head, Minah Park, from the Admissions Division, and Gisang Kim, the Managing Director from the Department of Academic and Student Affairs office, received extra assistance from several alumni, namely: Fitri Nur, Arifenie; Setiono, Dede Puji; Putri, Kusuma Hani; Indriasari; Imbiyono, Yanuar; and Ayuningtyas, Dwi.

They entertained questions from interested applicants, mostly about the degree programs, scholarship grants, dormitory and location of the campus, and admission requirements and procedures.

The event was conducted by NIIED to support the globalization of universities in Korea by discovering and fostering international students. As diversity is one of the main advantages of studying at KDI, this is an opportunity to encourage more students to attend KDI School, especially those from Indonesia where the second largest number of alumni come from.

KDI School plans to participate in more Study in Korea fairs in the future and alumni are encouraged to visit as well for the opportunity to promote KDI School, share their experiences, and strengthen the global alumni network.

In the evening of November 9th, a simple alumni gathering was held which was attended by 13 alumni. It was a good opportunity to talk about things currently happening at KDI School and for the alumni to catch up with their colleagues.

Supporting NIIED in organizing the fair were the Ministry of Education, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, the Korean Cultural Center, and the Korea Tourism Organization.