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KDI School In a Nutshell

01 Jun, 2021 KDIS News Center 644

KDI school has always been a pioneer in innovation, especially when it comes to providing education for its outstanding students. While the recent unprecedented situation took the world by storm and created uncertain circumstances for everyone, particularly in terms of education and learning department, KDI School has rolled up its sleeves and risen like never before in order to innovate and create the most convenient state-of-the-art digital services and facilities for its students.

The reading area in the library has underwent an upgrade with its new and high-tech functions that allow students to relax and enjoy themselves while striving for excellence. As the semester progressed, the number of students gathering in these spaces increased, especially in the group study room. The group study rooms on the fourth floor are well equipped with an adjustable table and an HD touch screen TV, which makes it convenient for brainstorming sessions and discussions with group members, particularly with students who are currently studying from their home countries due to the pandemic. The most fascinating aspect of these rooms is that they are soundproof. Such advanced facilities can be fascinating at times. They not only attract students, but also motivate them to challenge themselves.

As the classes had to change to accommodate the new normal, the facilities inside the classroom was modified along with the course. All the classes are equipped to support hybrid classes: 360-degree rotating cameras to capture professor, a screen for students who can’t join offline classes, and speaker to capture the voices of the professor and students. Azia Herve, 2020 MPP form Côte d’ Ivoire said that “Only one foreign university in his country has an improved facility, but KDI School is indeed in a different league when it comes to utilizing new information, and this offers students a chance to compete in today’s world.”

Apart from this, as the school has students from many backgrounds, all cafés and cafeterias are designed to meet most students’ interests. Everyone can enjoy scrumptious meals in both Korean and Western styles. As for the café, Coffee Lab on the 2nd floor and Vobuscum Café on the 3rd floor are both affordable and delicious.

Aside from the academic facilities, there is a sophisticated, clean cooking area. It is equipped with all the advanced electronic appliances and utensils you could need. With thorough maintenance procedures and routine checks, the quality and the usage capabilities are maintained. The open dining area on the rooftop is the cherry on top; it offers fresh air and a stunning view of the neighboring mountain.

With these complete facilities that help promote a healthy, sophisticated, and luxurious lifestyle, it is no wonder that KDI School has produced some of the best economic leaders and best alumni.