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KDI School Alumni puts global compassion into global action

01 May, 2007 News Center 1,330

VoSKA, the International Voluntary Service network of KDI School Alumni, was established in May of 2006 to organize the international voluntary networks of the KDI School alumni. The alumni network seeks to build a strong network based on active communication and interaction as a means to strengthening alumni relations and the overarching value of volunteer service.

The first project VoSKA was confronted with was building houses for people living in low-income areas in Haiphong, Vietnam. With the support and cooperation of the Haiphong Youth Union, the KDI School alumni in Vietnam were able to assist locals in the reconstruction of farmhouses that were in dire need of rebuilding. Students of Haiphong University were also eager to volunteer, providing accommodations for VoSKA members.

The project ran from July to September. In addition to offering volunteer services, VoSKA also donated 50 units each of secondhand desktop computers and LCD monitors to schools and orphanages in Haiphong city. In cooperation with the Haiphong Youth Union, VoSKA also initiated cultural exchange through various activities, which were later broadcasted on Haiphong television and reported in newspapers. The 2006 Haiphong project also was an opportunity for VoSKa to leave a positive image of the KDI School to be imprinted.

This year, VoSKA plans to encourage more KDI School Alumni to participate in the volunteer processes and fund raising.

Additionally, VoSKA will be reorganized as the major KDI School alumni voluntary service network. Accordingly, the network hopes to recruit those with volunteer work experience or the ability to lead VoSKA in a variety of activities.

VoSKA is scheduled to establish a school in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, where a severe earthquake caused massive destruction in 2006. This project requires not only the construction of the school, but also providing school appliances and faculty training. The location, budget, and time period for the project is yet to be decided by the KDI School alumni in Pakistan. As of now, more than USD 30,000 is expected for the project. Having said this, donations and volunteers willing to cooperate in the reconstruction process are needed greatly from the KDI School alumni.


By Sung won Yoon(2007 E-MBA)