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KDI School, A model in Raising Social Awareness of COVID-19

29 Apr, 2020 KDIS News Center 1,351

KDI School has been doing excellent work in fighting against the COVID-19 virus pandemic worldwide. Taking into the consideration that its students come from diverse national backgrounds, s KDI School has not found a single case of  COVID-19 contraction within our student body. This is due to KDI School’s staff, faculty, and students’ continuous effort to practice social distancing and follow the guidelines provided by the Korean government and our school.  Staff and faculty have put in special and enormous effort into tracking the paths of the students to make sure they are not exposed to the risks of coronavirus.

In fact, KDI School has acquired nonsurgical masks and distributed them multiple times over the course of the semester to both domestic and international students.  Special Care in distributing nonsurgical masks to international students has been given as international students have limited access to purchasing nonsurgical masks. In addition,  sanitary alcohol gel has been installed within the buildings and dormitories of the school.


Above anything else, KDI School’s efforts in raising awareness about  COVID-19 have made an impact on initiating and instilling the importance of personal hygiene and sanitary care among the crisis. KDIS has held video conferences about  COVID-19 three times over the course of the semester. The first conferences were significant in that representatives from different countries shared their findings and experts in public health weighed in to provide insights and expertise on the progress in fighting the virus.

The experts were Professor Leo Poon of Public Health Laboratory Sciences and Professor Malik Peiris of the Virology Department at the University of Hong Kong who dedicated their efforts in forming the WHO Reference Laboratory for COVID-19. The conferences came up with methods to flatten the curve and methods to provide masks supplies to the public. The second conference also made significant progress in that it discussed the issues of national-wide cooperation and the efforts and difficulties in the Korean government’s responses to the COVID-19 with the representative from the WHO. This conference was also special in that the conference was a part of the Global Development Learning Network that KDI School of Public Policy and Management took over from the World Bank. You can also keep up with the updates of COVID-19 at

This is a message from the Alumni from Latin America!As coronavirus dominates world news, we hope all of our professors, KDI staff, and classmates all over the world are safe and take care of each other. Although distance separates us, our love and memories unite us. As KDI leaders, we are convinced that from each of our workspaces, we will make sure that the world is aware that a robust economy is not enough if it fails to foster a healthy community. South Korea, gave us great lessons about crisis management but, most importantly, solidarity. Stay strong and keep safe, the Latin American and Caribbean community.KDI School gives special thanks to Paola Fernanda, Beatriz Canchari Hermitaño, Tabatha Cantu Urquidi, Daniela Paredes, Jesús Calderón Antón, Ale Vasquez, and Natalia Diaz.

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Students and alumni of KDI School have been actively engaging in raising social awareness and participating in giving opinions to enhance the environment of the school. For example, the KDI School’s official Facebook page had the alumni from Latin America share their current situation of COVID-19  outbreak on April 1stAlso, alumni from India and Rwanda actively shared their opinions through  Whatsapp. The conversation included the condolences and encouragement that aimed to lift each other up through a difficult time.