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KDI 50th Anniversary Emblem ‘Power of Thought, Power of Korea’

15 Oct, 2020 KDIS News Center 869

KDI reveals new emblem to commemorate 50th anniversary entitled ‘Power of Thought, Power of Korea.’

KDI unveiled a unique emblem to mark the 50 years since its founding.

The emblem symbolizes the past five decades that KDI has spearheaded Korea’s policymaking and the coming five decades that it will continue to guide Korea’s economic development. It also embodies the concept keyword for the 50th anniversary, “Power of Thought,” and slogan “World-leading Think Tank, Shaping the Future.”

The bold ‘5’ represents the roles KDI has served as a pillar of policy while the ‘0’ symbolizes the global community and future. The ‘Think’ is an imagery of the Korean Peninsula, and captures the status and vision of KDI as the nation’s leading research institute and a hub and mecca for policy expertise, and holds its philosophies and foresight.

The emblem was designed using the KDI colors of orange and gray and the national (tageuk) colors of blue and red. The former conceptualizes KDI’s administrative and official status while the latter represents KDI’s openness to the public and its dedication to both the country and the Korean people.