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Introducing the New Student Representatives of Year 2008

01 May, 2008 News Center 1,028

Class President: Chris Chulho Park

Affiliation: Korea Tourism Organization

Having worked at the Korea Tourism Organization for 12 years, I have been exposed to a multicultural environment. I have been thinking hard about the role of the student council and how to achieve the goal of the KDI School– EEE campaign (Electronic, English, Ethical). As we all share our goal together and voluntarily participate in shaping a better community, the KDI School will have a brighter future.


MBA Korean: Soo-An SEO

Affiliation:  Republic of Korea Marine Corps

I graduated from the Naval Academy, majoring in War History. I have been with the Marine Corps for 9 years and I’m now a ROK MC Captain. In my leisure time, I enjoy paragliding, scuba diving, tennis, and soccer. I am also a representative of the Culture Club. My goal here is to actively participate in school activities and build a strong international network with many students from different countries. As a student representative, I want to work as a servant leader who acts, not just talks.


MPP Korean: Woojung Kim

Affiliation:  Ministry of Health and Welfare

My hobby is to play football and watch movies. I studied Sociology and have worked at the Ministry of Health and Welfare for 15 years. I came to the KDI School in hopes of enhancing my knowledge and ability of conflict management. I am enthusiastic to become a student representative and will try my best to make a fun atmosphere where we can all enjoy our campus life. If you have any concerns, please come and see me!


MFDI: Sung Young Kim 

Affiliation: Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company

My motto is to enjoy life with joy and always challenge myself. Since most of our classmates are working and studying at the same time, they do not have energy to explore the world as much as they would like. As a student representative, I would like my classmates to feel the pleasure of being a student by encouraging and inspiring them with my passion.


MPP International: Amek Tom

Affiliation: Government of Kenya

I’m from Kenya and I have a wife and two beautiful girls. Representing MPP international students, I would like to be a messenger for my classmates in resolving any issues and problems they may have. Above all, I would like to promote equality, encouraging everyone to respect all human beings, regardless of gender, age, race, and nationality.


MBA International: Khambou Thavixay

Affiliation: Synergy Vision Inc

I am from LAOS and previously worked for University Establishment Project as an assistant in LAOS which was supported by the Korean government and now I work as a Head of Lao Student Association to Republic of Korea. I would like to put all my efforts into increasing public awareness and making a better image of the KDI School.


E-MBA: Kangwook Kim

Company: Dongbu Fire Insurance

I have worked at Dongbu Fire Insurance for 14 years and my major area is process innovation through Six Sigma. I have a Six Sigma black belt and want to introduce Six Sigma to my classmates so that the life at the KDI School becomes defect free. This can be only achieved when we continuously communicate and try to improve ourselves.


MAM: Jinwan Yang

Affiliation: KSFC(Korea Securities Finance Corporation)

I am working at KSFC, in charge of SBL(Securities Borrowing & Lending) and as an intermediary between onshore lenders and overseas borrowers. I want to encourage every student and provide positive energy so that we can all finish the course together. Let’s awaken our spirit and enjoy our journey at the KDI School!


By Hana Du (2008 MBA, Korea)