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Introducing New Professor: Chungeun Yoon

05 Feb, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,732

Professor Chungeun Yoon worked at Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) before coming to KDI School. After finishing his work at KOICA, he received his Ph.D. Currently, he is also conducting research related to innovation and development, which KDI School can benefit from at this time. He conducts classes and research in a way that he believes is suited to KDI School. There are many students here from developing countries and many Korean students who have work experience. He has first – hand knowledge of what these students are experiencing now, and he believes he can lead students in a direction of mutual development.

In particular, in developing changes in industrial structure requires an understanding of technology, so Prof. Yoon aims to provide his students with the tools to help their countries’ development after they return home. He hopes that his Korean students will share their thoughts on his research and learn even simple aspects of data science.

Before embarking on an academic career, he worked at KOICA for about 4 years, of which he spent 2 years in Cambodia. For students who are curious about the field of development, he is able to anticipate their inquiries and share his knowledge with them.

In terms of research topics, data science-related program language, big data, machine learning, and technical aspects are areas which Prof. Yoon can share as well.

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