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Interviews with the 2006 Student Body Representatives

01 May, 2006 News Center 1,345

Class President : KIM, Kwang Hwi (Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government)

If you meet with our class president, you might be surprised when he called your name. Once he was appointed as a class leader, it has been added his to-do list to memorize all the students’ faces and names he met. He has been working as a government official for 20 years. Studying in KDI School itself is a great opportunity and thrill to him. And now he even more motivated by becoming a class president, his school life can not just be calm and bounded inside the textbooks. 

He is now focusing on composing the well-organized student committee, which will become a mediator between students and school. The new student committee is expected to be full of active movements. From early twenties to late forties, they are all ready to hear your voice and to derive the most optimal solutions among concerned parties. 2006 1st School Field Day on April 7 will be the first official event arranged by the committee. They will spend their time and efforts into it by saving their time during studying and solving problem sets. With reporter’s point of view, they are all students like the other students. So if we all become supporters for our student committee, rather judging whether they can successfully operate the event and how well they represent us. Then the event will become fully of ours, the student committee will accomplish the best solutions how difficult it is under support of all students.
Let’s be KDI Students, like let’s be the Reds in 2002.


GLP : KIM, Tae Woong (Korea Development Bank)

Since the classes of diploma program GLP is not mixed with other programs, GLP students have limited opportunities to mingle with other students. So he is now challenging with how to build good relationship with other program students as well as among themselves. So he and his classmates just can not wait the first school event on April 7. Let’s be KDI Students.


MBA : KIM, Young Ki (People Consulting)

He is the one of youngest powers in the student committee, but you better not misjudge him as just a young MBA representative. He had worked as a consultant mainly in innovation of human resource and work process. Well let’s give him our trust and support, and then He will become our rooky who will bring innovative ideas and solutions through his young power.


Evening MBA : CHUNG, Seong Kyu (Korea Cyber Payment)

The former engineer is now taking charge of administrative division of Korean Cyber Payment company for two years. However, his interesting career track might not be made if there is no self-confidence inside him in the start-up venture businesses. Without any doubt, he will lead and support his classmates with his energy and self-confidence.


MPP : JEON, Jae Myong (Korea Military Academy)

He was interested in becoming a candidate for student reporter, but his well-organized operating abilities drew other classmates’ attention during the month of preliminary MBA. So he was recommended and appointed as MPP representative. His confident and moderate face is telling us that no matter how difficult it is, he is going to carry it well.


MFDI : PARK, Kyung Ah (Han kook University of Foreign Studies)

She has seven years experience in fashion industry and has a clear goal to become a FDI specialist in the fashion industry. Like Her cross-sectional intelligence between fashion and foreign direct investment is giving strong impression, we could expect her impressive leadership in harmonizing among classmates through out cross programs.


MAM : SEO, Jong Kun (Asset Management Association of Korea)

The first year of MAM program has chosen Mr. Seo, Jong Kun as its first class representative. Being first is somewhat advantageous and also disadvantageous. However, his brightness as a professional in asset management will be applied to student affairs, too. Well, fast and rational decision making is expected.


International : TESTA, Juan Carlos (Lawyer, Public Notary 215)

Just talk 10 minutes with Mr. Carlos Testa, then you will surprise with his deep affection toward the far east Korean culture and foods. The affection brought the lawyer in Mexico to KDI School in Korea. Now he is representing international students, moreover he wants to build the best relationship between Korean students and international students in KDI’s history. He will be collaborating with other student committee members to realize his hope.


By Moon Jung Kim (2006 MBA)