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Internship experiences: a step forward into a Professional

01 Aug, 2015 News Center 1,501

Located in Sejong City, the home of central government organizations, the KDI School is surrounded by numerous Korean government agencies and research institutes. Due to this, the KDI School put more effort into providing the student community the opportunity for various short-term internship programs at those governmental organizations to get first-hand experience.


Yongjin Lee (2014 MDP, Korea)

1. Please briefly describe your job and the institute you work for.

I worked as research assistant at Korea Research Institute of Vocational Education and Training. I research and translate Korean documents into English as well as plan meeings.

2. How did you know and get the job in the institute?

My friend introduced the job to me during last winter break.

3. How do you think the internship experience would contribute to your future career?

I have gained some insight on how projects are designed and implemented. Working with international consultants, I learn about the institutional side of development projects.

4. To whom would you recommend the internship at KRIVET?

It is not an easy job to work and study at the same time. However, I recommend doing internship at KRIVET to those who are good at time management and passionate.

Kanyanta Mubanga (2013 MDP, Zambia)

1. Please briefly describe your job and the institute you work for.

I have participated in an internship at the Road Safety Department of the Korea Transport Institute. I assisted a senior researcher do research on road safety and traffic accidences in Korea. I collected related data and information.

2. What do you think you have learnt so far from your work?

I learned practical research skills and transportation related knowledge, working at the Korea Transport Institute. Also, this experience helped me to be mature in real business setting. Also, it was a great opportunity to share knowledge and culture with my colleagues.

3. What do you see as the challenges at work?

Being the only foreigner at work, I tried to adapt in Korean working culture. However, cultural difference is still a challenge. Still, I am lucky because my colleagues always want to make sure that I am comfortable at work.

4. How did you know and get the job in the institute?

I heard of this opportunity from the External Relation Division of the KDIS. I thank them for this opportunity given to me. I hope more KDIS students will have more opportunity in the future.


June Mi Kang (2014 MPP, Korea)

1. Please briefly describe your job and the institute you work for.

I worked as a Research Assistant for Multilateral Trade Team within the International Trade Division at the KIEP. The KIEP researches the relations between South Korea and international economic policy.

2. How did you get the job in the institute?

The KDIS has been a part of a government-sponsored program in which forms a labor pool for the research institutes in the National Research Complex. I applied for the internship position through KDIS.

3. What would you say the most important value from the internship experience?

The experience at KIEP was a good chance to use my lessons from classes at real-life practices. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in the field of international trade as well as considering being a researcher.


By Sopheana Bronh (2013 MPP, Cambodia) and Sojeong Lisa Jeong (2015 MDP, Korea)