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IBK-KDIS Students Visit IBK Headquarters

05 Jul, 2019 KDIS News Center 476

Nine students in the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) – KDIS Scholarship Program visited the IBK Headquarters in Seoul 14th of June, 2019 for a short tour inside the main office and a lunch meeting with some IBK officials.

In the morning, two assistant managers from the IBK Global Business Department, Ms. Kang Kyung-Rim and Ms. Kim Mi-so gave the students a tour inside both the old and new buildings of the IBK Headquarters. In the lobby of the old building, an exhibit of IBK’s SME partners and products is displayed  the public. The students also visited the media room where the videos played in all branches of IBK worldwide are filmed. While, in the new building, the students visited the Trading Department where local and foreign exchange trades were being conducted by IBK traders. Ms Kim, Mi-so also presented the history and background of IBK and its role in SME financing in Korea.

After the tour, the students had lunch with IBK officials namely: Mr. Oh, Hyuk-soo, Senior Excutive Vice President, Global Markets & Treasury Group; Mr. Choe, Sung-Jae, Vice President & Managing Director, Global Business Department; Mr. Park, Tae-sang, General Manager, Shared Happiness Department; and Mr. Park, Seong-ho, Chief Deputy General Manager, Global Business Department. Mr. Oh, Hyuk-soo told the scholars to enjoy their stay in Korea and not to hesitate to ask IBK for any further assistance they can provide for their studies.

In the afternoon, the students also visited the Seoul Museum of Art where a special exhibit of David Hockney’s artworks was displayed. The students were accompanied by Ms. Lee, Jaesoon and Ms. Park, Mi Sun of the Student Affairs Division.

The scholars were so grateful for the opportunity. However everyone wished that more time was given so that they could have visited more departments inside the IBK Headquarters.

IBK began sponsoring international students at KDIS during the Fall 2017 semester with seven students who have already graduated. Meanwhile, four of the current students entered in Fall 2018, and five entered in Spring 2019. In the coming semester, KDIS is expecting more scholars from developing countries who work in national banks, or those who handle bank-related responsibilities in public organizations or government offices.