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How to study smart – tips from Professor Wonhyuk Lim

18 May, 2018 News Center 1,048


For many of us, exam seems like a necessary evil, but to look at the brighter side studies have proven that examinations enhance learning. It helps you to keep things on track and your brain active. The biggest problem is not the tests but how we prepare towards it that seem to magnify the evil in examinations. Most of us are last minute doers, or to better put it; we like to stretch things until the 11th hour which makes exams look all the more malevolent. So here it is how to organize well before time catches up with us and exams knock our doors! This short Q&A with our very own professor Mr. Wonhyuk Lim aims to guide you through your academic path at ease and maybe might help you grab a good insight into developing a good studying habit, and maybe it might change some of your perceptions towards the so-called exams.


 How do you define “good studying”?

Professor Lim: Good studying is like building a nice house.  You think about the overall architecture first, lay a strong foundation, establish a sound structural framework, add one brick at a time, and integrate the whole thing.  Studying for the test is not good studying.  


What is the best way to study for an exam?

Professor Lim: Understanding key concepts covered in class is important and applying these concepts to connect bits and pieces of information to produce a coherent storyline is necessary.     


Which is a more effective means of studying? Memorizing or understanding the concept?

Professor Lim: Understanding concepts is more important than memorizing.  


With such an intensive short-lived academic time in KDIS, what is your advice to the students who are racing against time to complete their assignments, presentations, and exams?

Professor Lim: Set priorities for today, this week, and this month. Keep track of how you’re spending time and make time for important and urgent things.


What are your top three expectations from the students at KDIS?

Professor Lim: KDIS students will have big dreams, learn from their failures as well as successes, and become thoughtful and considerate citizens of the world.


From your own experience, what do you think are the most important attributes of a successful academic journey?”

Professor Lim: Question conventional wisdom and imagine a different world. 


To sum it up, Professor Lim believes in keeping track of your time and setting priorities. By taking the time to arrange your priorities and striking the right balance between leisure and study, you can give yourself the best gift to stay on track and be well organized for any examinations that life may have in store for you.

Likewise, an international student from Afghanistan Mr. Samim Mohammad Yasin, who is currently pursuing his second master in Public Management in KDIS, runs his thought on the same line. He believes in understanding the concept than committing to memory which often fails us at the critical time. In his words, Mr. Samim says “Reading to understand not to memorize, understanding the big picture and the relationship between elements, and being open to understanding varied dimensions is the key to a successful academic journey”

Well, the magic formula seems to lie not in studying hard but studying smart!


By Tshering CHOKI (2018 MDP, Bhutan)