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Homecoming and Year-end Alumni Dinner

01 Dec, 2006 News Center 1,383

The 2006 Year-end Alumni dinner was held on November 25, 2006, at the Westin Chosun Hotel. Close to a hundred KDI School alumni, professors, and staff convened together to celebrate the friendships and successes of year in the company of one another.

Dean Chin Seung Chung and the President of the KDI School Alumni Association (KSAA) initiated the program with welcoming speeches. The evening’s program was divided into two sessions: in part 1 session, Prof. Jung, Kwon gave a school presentation updating the alumni on the current happenings of the school. It was followed by the Vice President of the KDI School Alumni Association, Mr. Lee, Chang-ouk (2002 MBA), who along with fellow alums, presented a summary of alumni activities.

At the beginning of the second half, a soprano singer delivered a special performance singing famous melodies and arias. The President of KSAA then proposed a toast to the attendees and the dinner officially began. It was also the first gathering for VoSKA (a self-administered KDI School Alumni Voluntary Service) and its members gave a presentation on their works in Asian countries last summer. Following this, representatives of each class year took turns at the podium to share updated stories and happenings since graduating from the KDI School.

The program concluded with a recreation event hosted by a professional entertainer. Lottery drawings were also held to distribute prizes to the participants. Throughout the event, members of the KDI School community celebrated and reaffirmed their strong networks and friendships.