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Happy Stomach, Happy People

08 Nov, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,220


Just the thought of it can make many people happy. Maybe this is the reason why everyone was seen wearing bright smiles on their faces on this one special Friday evening.

Because the evening of Friday, October 25 marked the day KDI School celebrated its popular and well-loved event called “International Food Festival” for the year 2019. It is an annual event that brings all students, faculty and staff together to showcase their talents, some in cooking and some, like me, in eating.

What makes this festival exceptional is that KDI School invited the local residents, news outlets and students from neighborhood schools to experience the festival and taste all the delicious international foods together with our school family. This made the school food festival into an even more meaningful community event everyone could enjoy.

At this festival, contestants from over 30 countries around the world joined forces to form 12 different teams. This year, we had KDIS Jumak Team, Kimbap, Tteok-bokki, and Sundae (KTS) Team, U Deserve Dessert Team, West Africa Team, Makan Jib Team, Sabor Mestizo Team, Central Asian Toast Mafia Team, ASEAN Cuisine Solidarity Team, Tastes of Silk Road Team, Fantastic Team, and, lastly, Hakuna Matata Team, who all presented healthy and delightful national foods to our audience.

As diverse as our teams’ names were, the foods also varied from tasty traditional Korean foods, Latin America’s famous quesadillas and pastelitos de carne, African savory Jollof rice, mouth-watering Arabian cousous and kochari, Central Asia’s delicious toy palov, South East Asia’s popular roti jala, beef Rendang, and fried noodles to fresh spring rolls and so on. It will not be an exaggeration to name this food festival a paradise for food lovers.

When the time came to vote for the best team, our audience could be seen contemplating very carefully as all the foods tasted so delicious. In the end, they selected ASEAN Cuisine Solidarity Team as the first place winner, followed closely by West Africa Team and Makan Jib Team. Also, our KTS Team, Sabor Mestizo Team and Fantastic Team shared the honor as third place winners.

Being able to taste delicacies from around the world was not the end of it. There is another reason why this festival is considered unique, specifically the special song and dance performances by talented KDI School students introducing the audience to their traditional music and dances. After all, festivals are not complete without some music to dance along to, are they?

The KDI School Courtyard was filled with laughter and happiness even after the event came to a close. Some of us were laughing because we were happy to be able to taste the delicious foods prepared by our colleagues, and some because they won the prize, and others simply because they could make other people happy.

It was undeniably a fun and memorable day for all of us at KDI School as everyone could enjoy foods and learn about cultures from around the world in one place.

Let me conclude this report by quoting one of the participants’ beautiful remarks: “Our team didn’t win the prize, but seeing people enjoying the food we made is the priceless reward for us. So we are also winners.”

Yes, all the teams are indeed winners in our heart for making this International Food Festival a big success.

Congratulations to everyone at the KDI School Community!