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Grey and White teams tie for first place on Sports Day

30 Oct, 2018 News Center 1,618

“Overall, I was pleasantly surprised! I was not expecting to have that much fun, let alone participate in the activities” This was the view shared by many of the KDIS students who thought that Sports Day would relegate them to being just spectators on the sidelines or those who had gathered only to cheer on their team members. 

KDI School organized its Sports Day on October 19 inviting its Professors, KDI School staff, and students to gather in the field to participate in a series of sporty activities and take  advantage of the opportunity provided to showcase their hidden athleticism.

The event also served as a platform to strengthen KDI School’s sense of community in unity within a setting of great cultural diversity. Four groups were created with two Professors allocated for each groups. The program saw a turnout of approximately 400 participants.

The Sports Day turned out to be not only a nostalgic recollection of high-school physical education sessions but also a refreshing break for the participants, who used the day to mingle with one another informally and also bidding farewell to the students who would be graduating shortly as the Fall semester comes to a close.

A collective stretching session set the tone to kick-start what would turn into a memorable event at KDIS. The schedule for the rest of the day included events such as the OX Quiz, Obstacle Race, Plat Flat Game, Soccer Match, Tug-of-War, and a Relay Race. Sports Day concluded with a Prize & Raffle session, followed by closing remarks.



While the various events stirred up both excitement and friendly competitiveness, it was not until the soccer matches that the spirit of competition was truly unleashed.  Each team consisted of seven women, seven men and a Professor. Things became fervent when the Grey and White teams fought for a spot in the finals, going up against the Navy team, through penalties. Even those who were not soccer fans were brought to their feet by the penalties.

“In the Philippines, soccer is not a major sports, hence I have actually never watched a game. But I actually enjoyed watching the soccer match on Sports Day for the first time in my life,” said a Sports Day participant. Everyone was wholly impressed with the skills of the women soccer players and they often posed a real threat to their male counterparts throughout the matches. 

In terms of overall scores, despite the relative advantage which the Grey team managed to establish early in the games, things began to change closer to the end of day. Initially, the Grey team took the lead followed by the Navy, White and Red teams. Then came the Tug-of-War event when the Grey and Navy teams fell behind, leaving the White and Red teams to battle for the first place. With a White victory, the teams found themselves under pressure for the final event — the  Relay Race. Would the Grey team still be able to take the title of overall champions? It was a very close call, but down to the last springers, the White team got the victory in the race!

When all the scores were tallied, the Grey and White teams had tied for the first place on the 2018 Sports Day.

The intense competitive spirit in no way threatened the overwhelming sense of unity and community among the Professors, staff and students at KDI School throughout the day. In addition to gathering in the field to jointly exercise bodies and muscles on a Friday from morning until early evening, the participants also found time at the end of the day for the students to dance, cheer and converse over refreshments. When the day was over, the participants retired with a feeling of tiredness, achievement, and exhilaration.

Sports Day 2018

By Stella CONSELHO (2018 MDP, Mozambique)