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Greetings from the Dean

01 May, 2005 News Center 1,037

Greetings! I trust that everyone is well. For the class of 2005, allow me to extend myself a little further in welcoming you once again. Some time has passed since your arrival and I hope that all of you are now well acquainted with life here at the KDI School.

How goes it so far? I know it must be challenging and exciting, as well as many other things. Are you behind on your readings? I hope not, we are  only in the spring term!

Time seems to be passing very quickly for everyone here. Yes, there is strong energy here at the KDI School and it seems to make the day go by very quickly. However, in the midst of all this, I hope that you can take the time to balance things and have a very fulfilling time. If you keep true to this, when all is said and done, I’m confident that you will look back at this year and say that you truly accomplished much. You were challenged, and you rose to the meet the challenges, and now are better equipped to go out and be of service to the world. After all, this is our mission here at the KDI School. And with this mission, I encourage you all the more to pursue it passionately. Please go and make the most your time – you’ll never regret it.


Chin-Seung Chung