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Government Complex Sejong: The Home of World’s Largest Rooftop Garden

17 Jun, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,006

Recognize by Guinness World Record as the largest rooftop garden in the world, Government Complex Sejong has built the 3.6 kilometers in length and 79,194 square meters in area, on 15 connected buildings. The Rooftop Garden was designed as a floating wall and built in the shape of winding hills by adopting the traditional concept of soonseong nori which means the practice of walking along the fortress wall to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

With a total of 1.17 million plant species, the garden has a pleasant landscape through thematic installation gardens such as Herb Garden, Medical Plant Garden, Fruit Garden, and Vine Tunnels. Each season the garden will have different plants and views that can be enjoyed by visitors.

The rooftop garden is open for public from the second half of 2014, it is a disabled friendly and these day visitors can visit and enjoy the scenery from March to July and September to December. Moreover, Government Complex Sejong provides a tour course with 40 minutes’ duration to go around the garden. To be able to visit this place, visitors have to make a reservation through the government website which can be found at Sejong City official website.

This time, KDIS Supporters team had a chance to visit and enjoy the garden view, also the scenery of Sejong City from above. It is a free tour and everyone are welcome to visit this place. There are many more places to explore around Sejong City, all you have to do is keep looking and exploring KDIS!