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GMP Workshop

01 Aug, 2005 News Center 1,078



From June 17th to June 18th, 2005, the KDI School held a Global Master’s Program (GMP) workshop. The workshop was organized to allow GMP members to become better acquainted, all the while while having an opportunity to refresh themselves outside of classes. This workshop was composed of 3 parts: recreation, sightseeing, and group discussion.

In the workshop, GMP members discussed specials issues related to their group activities. Additionally, members spoke of coordinating a special friendship night to introduce the group to fellow students. The sharing of ideas, sightseeing of special places, and easy-going atmosphere all allowed for stronger friendships and pleasant memories. A GMP Chair stated that events such as the workshop would continuously be held to increase GMP membership.


By Do-Young KIM (2005 MBA)