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Embrace a tougher life: interview with a GMP student, Seung Min LEE

01 Dec, 2017 News Center 1,300

Seung Min LEE at KDIS lecture room 

Man with a Mission

If you ever had a chance to meet Seung Min LEE, you would know he is a man of strong determination and defined mission of making difference in the lives of others. He shared his story of becoming a successful candidate of the Global Master’s Program (GMP) – a prestigious dual degree program for government officers and business people. As a 2017 Spring MPP student, Seung Min LEE has a quite unique combination of experience – he had studied chemistry, and then switched to the realm of financial management, serving as a government officer.


KDIS Built My Capacity”

The thirst for deeper knowledge and willingness to lift up to a higher level of expertise made him choose KDIS which became a turning point of Seung Min’s professional life. KDIS gave him a deep and strong knowledge of statistics, economics and policy making as well as more polished command of English. “I am very thankful to KDIS. It equipped me with very important things in my life.”


Duke University – No pain, no gain

Global Mater’s Program provides a wide range of partner universities where applicants can continue acquiring knowledge after one year spent at KDIS. Seung Min made his choice based on his field of interest, and selected Duke University (DU), a private research university located in Durham, North Carolina, USA. “As a financial management officer I became interested in Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) at Duke University which offers interdisciplinary program for mid-career professionals, and additionally provides specializations in International Taxation and Public Financial Management which are of a great interest for me,” shared Seung Min.

It is reasonable to expect studies at DU to be tough, but Seung Min is ready to embrace this kind of life. “Actually, I want my life to be tough! I expect more hard work. Expanding my global vision and mastering personal and communication skills will help me in becoming a great leader.”

Around 90 GMP students are expected to leave Korea at the end of December to expand their potential to the fullest in order to make a positive difference back at home. On 12th October,  2017 GMP students held a farewell party with KDIS Family and spent a great time full of fun, singing karaoke songs, dancing, and wishing best of luck to GMP students.

It is my mission to make my country improve and prosper,” says Seung Min with the firm determination in his eyes. Indeed, we believe in success and great achievements of all our GMP students, and wish them to make the best of their new experience abroad. May the KDIS’s spirit always be with you!

By Ranat RYSBEK [2017 MPP, Kyrgyzstan]