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18 May, 2018 News Center 1,160

Impactful Research:

Impact Evaluation on KOICA Community Driven Development Project in Myanmar: Since 2016, Impact Evaluation Lab at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management(KDIS) has been carrying out impact evaluation on KOICA’s Community Driven Development Project in Myanmar. The project aims to increase the living conditions and community empowerment in Myanmar. KDIS Impact Evaluation Team will use RCT approach and behavior experiment, with a sample size of 8500 households to study the effects of the project on (1) household income (2) social capital such as general trust, social cohesion, and inclusion. The baseline survey has been completed and the midline survey with behavioral experiment was launched in January and expected to be completed by May 2018.

2017/18 Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP): Delivery case studies on Korea’s development experience

Development Research Team at the KDI School of Public Policy and Management has carried out the modularization of Korea’s development experience, which documents policies, their implementation and outcomes, institution building process, and public projects that had greatly contributed to Korea’s economic development. The modularization project accumulated 148 cases. After its completion in 2016, the KDI School has been engaging and building a relationship with the Global Delivery Initiative to produce delivery case studies based on the KSP modularization cases focusing on project/program implementation and its challenges known as ‘Science of Delivery’. The case studies are in progress and the final cases will be uploaded to the Global Delivery Library ( by December 2018. 

Knowledge Sharing News:

KDI School Research Seminar: UNDP Policy Design Thinking Seminar (Date: March 14th, 2018, Venue: KDI School)

 Approximately 50 KDI School students, staffs joined in a research seminar presented by two experts from UNDP, to learn about Policy Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a problem-solving approach and a human-centered innovation. It puts people we design for at the center of the process and invites them to co-create solutions. Design Thinking provides a structured process for anyone who wishes to design and implement a South-South learning exchange (SSLE).

KDIS-World Bank Workshop on State-Owned-Enterprise(SOE) Reforms and Shared Prosperity (Date: March 25th to 26th , Venue: Seoul Plaza Hotel)

The KDI School, Development Research Center, in partnership with the World Bank is delighted to co-host World Bank-KDI Workshop on State-Owned-Enterprise(SOE) Reforms and Shared Prosperity from March 25th to 26th, 2018 at the Plaza Hotel. The workshop was attended by more than 60 participants; among them were senior government officials from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kyrgyz Republic, Lao P.D.R, Maldives, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam as well as KDI School students, and development partners to provide insights on various aspects of operating SOEs in East and South Asia.  In the 2-day workshop, participants discussed SOE reform initiatives to improve governance and management of SOEs, including privatization, competition policy, corporate governance, private sector participation, and transparency. We hope the program will serve as the starting point of in-depth dialogues on the best ways in which SOEs can be reformed to better serve the goals and needs of the societies they are embedded in.

KDIs-World Bank Workshop on Taxation and Growth (Date: March 27th to 28th , Venue: Seoul Plaza Hotel)

The KDI School, Development Research Center, and the World Bank co-hosted a two-day World Bank-KDI Workshop on Taxation and Growth from March 28th to March 29th, 2018 at Seoul Plaza Hotel. The workshop successfully showcased country experiences from sound practice countries on taxation and technical diagnoses/approaches under the broader umbrella of fiscal policy and growth linkages. The workshop assembled approximately 54 representatives from the Ministries of Finance and Tax Authorities from the 18 Asian countries as well as KDI School students, experts from WB, IMF, WHO, and OECD. It is our third time hosting the international workshop on taxation with the World Bank, which is a testament to its successful outcomes achieved in the last events. We are proud that we have been working closely with the World Bank in endeavors to collaborate for more global knowledge sharing in the area of taxation.

2018 Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) KSP Forum (Date: April 2-5th, 2018, Venue: Lotte Hotel Seoul)

KDI School co-hosted 2018 CRVS KSP For in partnership with the World Bank, Ewha Womans University, Korea Eximbank and Ministry of Strategy and Finance, based on the in-depth knowledge and a wide-ranging experience accumulated from the first and second phase of the KSP-WBG joint event KDI School co-hosted from year 2015. The forum held to discuss the key prevailing issues in building systems for CRVS with high-level experts and senior government officials from Southeast Asian countries – Myanmar, Indonesia, Laos and the Philippine and development partners. The forum mainly focused on analyzing the progress and current status of the CRVS system of participating countries to provide relevant CRVS policy proposals that address each country’s needs.

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