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Dean Hears 2019 Spring Students’ Concerns

24 May, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,321


The 2019 Dialogue with the Dean is a series of panel discussions between the dean, upper management, and the student body. The Dialogue is divided into five sessions, held on separate dates for different groups of students.

The first of these sessions, which was dedicated to full time international students, was held on May 13 at the Lincoln Hall. In his opening remarks, Dean Jongil You said that the Dialogue has been organized since he became the dean in order to hear the concerns of the students. He named some issues that had already been addressed since the previous dialogues – such as the improvements of the cafeteria menu and dormitory, and innovation in teaching and research support.

On the other hand, Dean You requested three things from the students: Namely, to have integrity and avoid plagiarism, to treat everybody with dignity and respect, and finally, to work hard at studying. He closed his speech with a promise that in exchange for these requests, “We will do everything that we can possibly do to help you.”

Alongside the Dean were Jinsoo Lee (Associate Dean of Planning and External Affairs), Kwon Jung (Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs), and  Heesuk Yun (MPP Program Chair Professor) to help with responding to the students’ concerns. Representatives from the Academic Affairs, Teaching and Learning, Student Affairs, and Admissions Divisions were also present during the session.

Some of the relevant issues raised by international students are mostly with regards to health. The need for better first-aid kits in the dormitory, especially during weekends and holidays, is an important concern, as is the need for knowledgeable people in emergency situations. Also, a request was made to have a counsellor available, and that activities be conducted to help students overcome depression and other mental health concerns. Moreover, concerns about the maintenance and cleanliness of gym equipment were also raised, and the need for better food options in the cafeteria is still an issue.

Associate Dean Jung responded that these issues will be looked into, and the school will provide immediate solutions to such concerns. He specifically mentioned that one qualification for a dormitory assistant should be that it is someone who can respond to emergency situations. He also requested the students to be more patient with the cafeteria menu, as the staff are continuously studying and working on improving the food options.

Other than health-related issues, there was a request from some representatives of the Muslim community to schedule research seminars on days other than Fridays, as they are not able to attend due to their Jumu’ah, or Friday prayer.  Associate Dean Lee suggested that students who miss the research seminars can watch the video-recorded lectures, which will be made available through e-Education. Some lectures are also scheduled on Wednesdays, depending on the availability of the resource person.

Lastly, Associate Dean Jung said that the policy on temporary leaves will be reviewed, as requests for clarifications on this issue were made by students during the session.

The other dialogue sessions are schedules as follows: May 20, for full-time domestic public officials and entrepreneurs; May 22, for full-time K-water students; May 27, for full-time domestic and Ph. D. students; and June 8, for all part-time students.

By Isabella Millanes (2019 MPM, Philippines)