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Completion Ceremony: SMILES Shone on The Face of KDI School Students

07 Aug, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,651

Twice each year, KDI School releases a new batch of leaders and global shapers to go out and thrive. On 5 August, 2019, a new batch was released and charged toward making a difference in their respective communities. The completing students consisted of one hundred and thirty-seven students (137) from forty-six (46) countries across every continent.

Reflecting on her time at KDI School, the salutatorian, Ryu Hyunjung, thanked the professors and her fellow completing students for providing their support to her in one way or another. She said that even though studying was challenging and offered very little time to unwind, the trouble was worth it, as she now feels prepared to confront global development challenges. In addition, Rovil Espiritu spoke on behalf of the community service awardees; he expressed his thanks to the school for creating an environment filled with diversity and knowledge. He noted that serving his fellow students in the numerous capacities in which he was privileged was both honoring and humbling. Rovil urged the completing students to keep track of one another even as they depart to their respective countries.

Dean Jong-il You expressed to the completing students that they are leaders regardless of their job titles and that they should reflect the values instilled in them at KDI School in everything they do. The dean recognized that the world is changing and that corresponding global issues are growing more complex; nevertheless, he expressed confidence that the completing students are poised to rise to this occasion.