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Celebrating Friendship in KDI School

23 Sep, 2021 KDIS News Center 612

Friendship is one of the most beautiful treasures that life gives us. Finding a true friend makes our life better, easier, and full of new experiences and memorable moments.

KDIS is an institution with more than 600 students from different parts of the world. Being alone in a country that is not our home is always difficult, but the people that we meet here and the friendships that we create make our time in South Korea an experience that we will remember forever.
That’s why, to celebrate Friendship Day, we want to thank all the friends that we have made–
those who are like a family,
those who this year, unfortunately, we only met online,
those who are next to us supporting us no matter what,
those with whom we share meals, moments, photographs, a cup of coffee, and special places,
those who told us about their culture and their experiences,
those who helped us in our tasks,
those with whom we shared long hours of cycling, went to the gym, or simply talked about life,
those friends who have made us participants in their lives, and who have now invited us to their countries.

Thanks to all of them.


“International friendship in KDI School is about expanding boundaries and removing stereotypes. It allows you to feel a part of the world, not just of your country. Friendships in KDI School create new points on the world map that you plan to visit in order to meet again. Friendship in KDI School is also new business ties, and, I hope, this is a way that will strengthen ties between countries and smooth out existing conflicts. I believe that friendships at KDI will have positive, long-term benefits for the relations of the many countries that our students represent.”

Daulet Shymyrbek (2020 MPP, Kazakhstan)


“At KDIS, I have had the opportunity to meet and learn about different cultures around the world. I have been fascinated with the cultural diversity that we can find in the school. The cultural mix allowed me to open my mind and understand that, even though we are all human beings who breathe the same air, we have very different ways of seeing and appreciating the world. Likewise, it is interesting to see how people from the same region, who speak the same language and share a similar past, can have so many differences. What has impressed me the most is seeing that different types of people from several cultures, religions, and races coexist peacefully in the same space.”

Juan David Colorado (2020 MPP, Colombia)

“KDI School has allowed me to meet people from different countries of the world, countries that I did not even know. I am very happy to be able to share my culture, my country, and my food, and to fill myself with good moments with all the people I have met here. It is incredible how, despite speaking different languages, having different religions, we all feel part of a big little family. I would have liked to be able to share more time with my colleagues, but without a doubt, I carry every moment in my heart, and everyone will always be remembered with great appreciation”

Michelle Erazo  (2020 MPM, El Salvador)


“KDI School has given us opportunities to learn about different cultures and origins. Through our interactions both in class and outside class, we learn each other’s diverse cultures and how our countries are progressing toward achieving sustainable development goals to make the world a better place to live. We cherish the friends we meet and make each other’s stay enjoyable at KDIS as we hope to keep in touch with them in the future outside school through forums such as KDIS Connect.”

Jonathan Lengaur (2020 MPM, Kenya)