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Beautiful Places to Visit During the Summer in Sejong

12 May, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,107

1. Sejong Lake Park

Sejong Lake is a large, man-made body of water and one of the major tourism destinations in Sejong. The lake and surrounding park are located in the center of Sejong City and are the background for various cultural events. In addition to providing a nature-friendly environment for residents to take rest and respite from the city, it serves as a cultural space. The park comprises five major theme islands centered on the lake and provides 8.8 km of walking trails, 4.7 km of bike paths, as well as variety of plants—various flowers and trees—to feel the seasonal changes in nature.




2. Sejong National Arboretum

Sejong Arboretum was created to systematically preserve plants in the central temperate zone, develop traditional garden culture, and provide a green culture experience space in the city center. Located in Sejong Special Self-Governing City Central Park, Sejong National Arboretum is Korea’s first urban national arboretum with a four- season glass greenhouse housing almost 3,000 different plant species, a traditional Korean garden to develop ancestral garden culture, and potted plants evaluated as artwork. If you wish to tour the glass greenhouse, please don’t forget to make a reservation before visiting!




3. Gobok Reservoir

Gobok Reservoir (about six times larger than Sejong Lake Park) is located in Gobok-ri, Yeonseo-myeon, Sejong. It used to supply agricultural water and is now an area for leisure, fishing, and outdoor activities The park is famous for its 9.5 km-long cherry blossom road. Gobok Reservoir has been developed little by little since it was incorporated into Sejong City and is now the best walking course in Sejong City with walking decks installed around the reservoir. One of the great attractions of Gobok Reservoir are the many beautiful cafes situated around the reservoir.




4. Bangchukcheon Stream

Bangchukcheon Stream, an eco-friendly ecological watercourse, is a well-developed park and green area in Sejong City. The 3.7 km waterfront park is comparable to the Cheonggyecheon Stream in Seoul. Bangchukcheon Stream has a variety of interesting spaces with five themes: a hydrophilic activity section, a waterfront plant theme garden, Sejong Square, a natural ecology learning space, and a hydrophilic culture section. If you walk along the trail, you can also see various sculptures.




5. Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest

출처:세종특별자치시 공식블로그

Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest, located in Donam-ri, Geumnam-myeon, Sejong-si, has 19 professional exhibitions including a magnolia garden, a wildflower garden, a rose of Sharon (the national flower of Korea) garden, a tropical greenhouse, and an animal Village. You can enjoy beautiful trees and flowers throughout all four seasons. Currently, Geumgang Natural Recreation Forest is operating in compliance with quarantine guidelines such as wearing masks, measuring body temperature, and practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.