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Asia – EU Cooperation Seminar Celebrating #JeanMonnet30

02 Apr, 2019 KDIS News Center 2,610

Jean Monnet, an audacious 20th century globalist recognized as the “Father of European Union,” was a man who healed the wounds of Europe by establishing international relations based on common interests and mutual respect among nations. 30 years ago, the Jean Monnet Activities were created to foster and diversify research and teachings on European studies while promoting European integration, and spreading EU values within the EU and around the world.

By celebrating 30 years of Excellence in European Studies, the Seoul National University’s (SNU) Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) hosted the 2019 Asia –EU Cooperation Seminar on the topic of “Globalization at the Crossroads: Current Challenges & Future Prospects” on March 29, 2019. The seminar which addressed regional and global economic and socio-political challenges, was organized by KDI School, GSIS, and SNU EU-Centre (JM Centre of Excellence) exclusively for KDIS students. Students had the opportunity to learn about various subjects and communicate with professors from the EU, Japan, and Korea on the topics they presented.

In his speech, the dean of KDI School, Jong-Il You, told the students why he calls himself an “unabashed globalist like Jean Monnet” by saying he believes that we can develop more effective global cooperation only through more democratic political engagements at the global level. “A global government might be out of reach for the generations to come, but it is not impossible to develop more effective democratic governance. We need to strive for both the democratization of globalization and the globalization of democracy.” In conclusion, Professor Jong-il You pointed out that the academic community must be at the forefront of efforts to promote the visions of global morality.

By Ranat Rysbek Kyzy (2017 MPP, Kyrgyzstan)