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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose KDI School

20 Oct, 2021 KDIS News Center 1,383

KDIS’ Full scholarship
KDI School offers more than 9 varieties of full scholarships for both domestic and international students based on their need, career area, and interest. The scholarship opportunities not only cater to international government servants with work experience but also open doors to recent graduates and private sector employees with the “Global Ambassador Scholarship (GAS). Thus, having a strong sense of interest in the program with an solid goal will enable any interested student to gain a full scholarship to the KDI School. For more information, please visit:

On-campus employment opportunities
For international students studying in South Korea, getting permission to work on part time jobs is a hassle. Considering this situation the school offers a variety of on campus jobs for all its students. Two types of on-campus jobs are available: academic and administrative. Academic scholarships are known as “work study scholarships,” which allow students to assist a professor in a class he or she is enrolled in (Class Assistantship, Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship). Under the administrative category, students are given the opportunity to become a Dormitory Assistant, Administrative Assistant, School Reporter, and School Ambassador. Apart from the listed roles, the school also opens a variety of opportunities during events and seasonal breaks depending on the need. As applying to these can be a bit competitive, having a strong cover letter and an inspiring personality before and during the interview are a big bonus. For more information, please click the following link:

Range of subjects & concentrations
Even though the school contains the title “public policy and management,” the areas of study vary across different spectrums and subjects. Despite what area or concentration you chose during your undergraduate studies, be it engineering, law, mathematics or arts, you will still find a subject and area of interest within the courses offered at KDI School. Therefore, before applying for your Masters program (MPP, MDP, MPM, MIPD) it is important to consider the sub-categories offered within each concentration to ensure they match your future goals. One exciting and challenging thing to keep in mind once you are enrolled as a student is the syllabus of each subject. Same subject courses and grading style can differ from professor to professor, so it is important to check the syllabuses and do a thorough comparison before enrolling in a course. To access course syllabi please click:

Endless opportunities
Be it academic or adventurous, the school opens tours for its students each semester and season depending on concentration and interest areas.* Summer and winter schools and global exchange programs are other interesting opportunities that are offered to the students. While students are allowed to apply for one-year global exchange programs during March and September of each year, the summer and winter summer schools are offered during the seasonal breaks. In addition to allowing you to add up extra credits for your masters degree, these programs offer endless global exposure, especially for international students.

*While tours are still in operation, please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, the school only opens up a limited number of slots per tour.

Academics from the world’s top-notch universities
The school offers the most outstanding professors with doctoral degrees from top-notch universities in the USA, the UK, and Europe. Comprising renowned research topics, the curriculum includes courses constructed under up-to-date technology and information. Classes are always student centered—discussions and debates are always welcomed within each classroom, which has enabled students to share and gather knowledge with intellectuals from diverse sectors worldwide. The school also offers office hours for each professor and course, giving students the opportunity to clarify study materials even after the designed course hours.


Photo credits (student group picture) : Andrea Romo