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2019 Song & Dance Festival: Stage of Diversity

18 Jul, 2019 KDIS News Center 1,631

Have you ever seen a show that includes all the fun of singing and dancing rich in cultures from around the world combined as one? Here at KDI School, we have it all! The KDIS 2019 Song and Dance Festival held on Friday, July 12th was a blast. It was also a very special year for the event, the first time the event was live broadcasted on the KDI School Facebook page and people could vote online to support their favorite team.

During school days and on the preparation day, students were eager to practice and present their performances for the event, which was made possible by school committees who built the amazing stage and arranged the events for the performers. The festival contestants consisted of 12 performances by mixed groups of students from different countries, including beautiful serenades, solos, duets, and traditional and modern dance. Some highlights from the festival included traditional dance from Sri Lanka, the African continent, Mexico, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, India and many more. The final performance was a surprise for many as the KDIS staff team performed a magical fairyland of a Disney song.

The event closed with the announcement of the winner. There were three awards for the winners: first place, second place and the popularity award. The first-place award went to the African team, which showcased the beauty of a broad range of the African continent, including Cairo, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Kampala, Gaborone, Accra, Banjul, Harare, and Yaounde. They successfully portrayed the diversity of their languages and customs through song and dance.

The second-place award went to KDIS Heartbeats, a contingent of Latinas from Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru who performed a beautiful dance to the beat of traditional Cumbia and closed with the famous dance movement of the Macarena.

The popularity award went to the Asian Fusion team, a collaboration of students from Cambodia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Sri Lanka who gave us a bit of experience from each country. The event finished on a happy note where everyone had a good time. See you at the KDIS 2020 Song and Dance Festival!