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2019 International Field Research and Study

01 Oct, 2019 KDIS News Center 693

KDI School organized the International Field Research and Study (IFRS) from Thursday, August 22nd to Sunday, September 10th in 5 different European countries. The main purpose of this program was to increase the global competency and adaptability of domestic students in international field. Participants visited various places such as international organizations, research institution, universities and private companies in 5 different cities: Paris, Geneva, Berlin, Leipzig and Prague.

The first two stops of the IFRS were OECD and UNESCO in Paris. During the visits, students learned about how global organizations are being run with many member states under the organizations. The next day, students got to experience the rich French culture that Paris holds by walking around the city. After Paris, students traveled to Geneva to visit United Nations and World Trade Organization. Once they finished their tour, students proceeded their field research to Leipzig, Germany where HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management is located. While they were there, they also visited the famous Porsche factory.

After, they visited the Ifo Institute for Economic Research and Freie Universität in Berlin. During the visit in Germany, students were able to learn about history of unification in Germany and also take some lessons with them for Korean Peninsula.

Last stop was University of Economics in Prague which was ranked as the best Business School in the Eastern Europe (2018). Students got to spend the whole day learning about the history of University of Economics and international co-operation that the school has with other international universities such as Duke University, Copenhagen Business School and etc.