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2018 Open Government Partnership Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting

14 Nov, 2018 KDIS News Center 1,810

  • Professor Soonhee Kim

KDI School’s prestigious professor Soonhee Kim had the honor of being invited as the speaker for the high-level panel on the topic of “Bridging Divides, Building Trust” as part of for the Opening Ceremony for the 2018 Open Government Partnership (OGP) Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting, which was held in Nov 5th, 2018, in Seoul, South Korea. The Open Government Partnership, a movement that started in 2011, brings together government reformers and civil society leaders from all over the Asia-Pacific region, with the aim action plans that make governments more inclusive, responsive, and accountable. Professor Kim shared important, key findings of KDI-OECD collaboration research regarding Public Trust in Government in Korea. She emphasized the five dimensions of competence and values of public institutions that matter when fostering public trust in government. The five dimensions she emphasized were responsiveness, reliability, integrity, openness, and fairness. The launch seminar of the KDI-OECD Trust Research Report (Click here for more information) will be held on Nov 30, 2018, in Seoul.