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2 Months Left at KDI School: Road to Graduation Ceremony

28 Oct, 2019 KDIS News Center 3,692

A day that every student genuinely looks forward to is the Graduation Ceremony Day. KDI School is delighted to announce that the Commencement Ceremony Day will be taking place on December 6, 2019. The excitement and the motivation for that special day can be seen in every individual’s effort across all four semesters. Students will return to their home countries with the most priceless academic achievement, global premiere knowledge, worldwide networks and unforgettable memories that they created during their study abroad.

We congratulate the upcoming KDI School graduates and invite them to share their journey towards the graduation ceremony, their best memories at as well as their plans after KDI School.


Feelings toward the ‘Commencement Ceremony’

When hearing the commencement ceremony mentioned, students must be beaming with joy, feeling a sense of achievement but also relief after the hectic schedule of these many months of hard work. Now, their dreams are finally coming true. However, the moment will also definitely be a sad goodbye to a beautiful journey. Let us learn how KDIS students feel about this momentous occasion from their perspectives.

SALEM, Mohamed Hassan, Egypt, 2018 MPM Student

SALEM, Mohamed Hassan, a 2018 MPM student from Egypt, describes his contrasting feelings while talking about the ‘Commencement Ceremony’. “Although it seems as if fear, curiosity and a little bit of nervousness fill every spot in my head, it doesn’t take much for my excitement to replace all of my other emotions,” Mohamed says.

We completely understand how Mohamed feels because the commencement ceremony will be his last day at KDI School, where he has created a lot of memories. However, this feeling will never become a barrier since he has a bright future. “It’s the beginning of a new journey in my life after going back to my office,” says Mohamed. “I feel full of passion and hope since I believe that I did my best throughout my KDIS journey. When I think about this day, the very first day at KDI School comes to my mind since I remember every moment that I have spent here from the very first day,” he continues.

SUMARINI, Arsianti Wahyu, Indonesia, 2018 MPM student

As all other students can surely relate, the very first emotion that comes to Indonesian national SUMARINI, Arsianti Wahyu, a 2018 MPM student, is a sense of relief since she will be able to meet all the graduation requirements and return to her homeland. Even so, Arsianti sounds little upset as she says, “I am sad because I have to leave behind the warm atmosphere of KDI School, the beauty of Sejong City and all the memories with friends from various countries. These memories will be stay with me. The commencement ceremony is the opening of a new stage in our lives where there will be new challenges for us to overcome to become successful in the future. Good luck, friends, we are on the right path!”

The Journey towards the ‘Commencement Ceremony’

To reach to this point, students survived and lived through the strenuous time that we like to call “the journey”. Students are required to successfully complete 39 credits from graduation requirement courses.

Mohamed counts his approximately 450 days at KDI School, from August 2018 until graduation day. “Actually, in the first semester, I struggled a lot with the rather different education system, and the different environment. It was a period of uncertainty and discovery. After that, I found that it was a great opportunity for me to learn and acquire knowledge about public management, and it was a chance to strengthen my skills,” he says.

Indeed, the journey towards achievement is not always a smooth one. Throughout Mohamed’s journey at KDI School, he has tried his best to work hard, using careful time management for classes, presentations and assignments as well as research to acquire knowledge and enhance skills. He emphasizes, “I believe that the KDIS journey gave me the opportunity to study several subjects related to public management and regulations which has had a significant, positive effect on my skills and knowledge.” He also feels appreciation, saying, “Throughout this journey, I faced several challenges, but social networks, such as the KDIS community (friends and professors), have always been some of the main sources of positive support.”

Graduation requirements at KDI School are different based on the specific scholarship. For instance, Arsianti will have completed 39 credits as determined by KDI School. She explains, “As an IBK student awardee, I had an 18-month duration of studies during which I had to complete my research project before returning to Indonesia, as a condition of graduation.”

Plans after the ‘Commencement Ceremony’

After the commencement ceremony, students will go back to their home countries with global wisdom, a premiere education and multiple experiences.

As a researcher for more than five years at the Chairman Office of GAGS Institute, a part of Ministry of Finance Agencies and a member of Implementation and Evaluation Committee of Sustainable Development Goals in the Ministry of Finance of Egypt, Mohamed has long had a passion for enhancing his skills in Research and Public Management. After graduation from KDI School, Mohamed says, “I’m planning to participate and contribute significantly through shedding light on what can be done with regard to the different issues that my country is facing within the context of my work field. I will propose new policies regarding the budget allocation and public procurement as well as use the skills and insight I have gained.” After four semesters at KDI School, Mohamed has acquired global knowledge about current policy issues and rational public management, which are the core challenges in developing countries like Egypt.

With amusement, Arsianti says, “After graduating from KDI School, I will return to my previous job.” Her workplace is the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), where she has the mandate to encourage domestic and foreign investment in her home country. Before coming to KDI School, she was given the opportunity to become a member of the investment marketing team, which facilitates potential investors who do business in Indonesia. “For that reason, while studying at KDI School, I have been very happy because there are many choices of courses that were able to answer my curiosity in relation to my work and issues regarding Global Governance and Political Economy. I am sure all the knowledge and experiences will be useful in gearing my career towards success.”

Two Months Remain

“Time flies so fast!” Students keep saying these words at KDI School. Once a new semester starts, tons of assignments, homework, papers and presentations with deadlines appear continuously on their timetables. Meanwhile, daily conversations, smiles and fun activities with friends outside the classroom keep students relaxed. They will definitely will miss all these moments.

Feeling both excited and upset, Mohamed says, “There are only two months left until graduation, which I have been waiting for since the beginning of my studies. Although this moment will be one of the happiest of my life, during the time left, I want to balance my studies carefully with other things as I am still enrolled in some classes.”

In the time that remains for him in Korea, he plans to explore the country more as well as have a good time with his friends. “Although the feeling that in two months I’m going to say goodbye to this school and to my friends is a bit sad, one of the advantages of KDIS is the social network that always work to bring students together in different countries. So I firmly believe that one day after graduation I’m going to meet all these people again,” Mohamed says.

Same as Mohamed, Arsianti is still required to take courses during the Fall Semester. “This is my last semester at KDI School until I graduate in December,” she says. In these last two months, she waiting for the feedback and evaluation from the school for her research project. As part of her IBK scholarship requirement, Arsianti is preparing a Final Research Project Presentation that she will give on 31 October, 2019. Other than completing her final project task, she often attends other seminars and events offered by KDI School.

The Best Memories Ever

Each day at KDI School, countless memories were created with good moments that will last through the students’ lifetime.

“From an educational point of view, attending lectures and enjoying the scientific discussions will be one of the most important memories that I will keep, as KDI School provides many educational materials based mainly on participation and discussion between different experiences where one chapter brings together a number of nationalities,” Mohamed says.

As for the social aspect, Mohamed has made lots of memories with friends from different nationalities, having gone through both challenging and fun moments together. He also had the chance to volunteer as a member of the talent donation program, sharing his beautiful culture with local high school students, which was one of the best memories he now has of Korea.

Arsianti’s top memory is the first day at school. “An experience that I will never forget while at KDI School is the happy feeling when I got a scholarship at KDI School, feeling excited but also anxious when I first came to class,” she says.

Besides the academic memories, she has built good friendships. “Anxiety and fatigue in facing exams and assignments are shed off by having a good time with friends from various countries and also from Indonesia. We live our lives as students, sharing jokes and laughter together. One of the best medicines for treating homesickness is to be with your close friends,” she continues.

In addition, another wonderful memory she cannot forget is when she was chosen for the 2019 Sejong City Hall Global Internship, which was like a dream coming true. “I once imagined what it would be like to be a civil servant in South Korea. Then I could live it in real. Experiencing the work culture, I analyzed how many of those policies might be implemented in Indonesia to improve the performances of civil servants in my home country,” Arsianti says.