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Live Green: We Give up Convenience by Using Reusable Tumbler

09 Apr, 2020 KDIS News Center 1,947

This Monday (April 6th), we had a special event to promote our environmental campaign, “Live Green.” This campaign provides the campus community an environmentally responsible way to reduce the use of plastic.

Since KDI school decided to extend its actions toward environmental protection for the entire year of 2020, the school is promoting Café Vobiscum Coupon Event as part of the Live Green campaign.

As an extension of the campaign, the school has decided to give students tumblers! As all class gatherings are canceled, the school is offering tumblers instead. Whoever enrolled for the 2020 spring semester was able to pick up their tumbler at the designated time in the KDIS courtyard.

Although students were practicing social distancing while waiting in lines to pick up their tumblers, the school seemed to be as lively as it was before COVID-19 because of a bright vibe among students.

Kimberly Zelaya (2019 MDP) said that the school has done a great job of helping students to cope with COVID-19 as much as possible. “Since we live here, we need something we can use, and it is good that the school is providing this tumbler for the environment. Also, it could be a souvenir, which will remind me of the Live Green campaign as well as KDI school when I go back to my country.”

Bisan Abuaita (2020 MDP) is grateful that KDI school is launching the environmental movement. “As soon as I saw the environmental protection campaign, I planned to buy a tumbler. But then, as the school announced this event, I felt very thankful that the school encouraged students to be responsible through this campaign, not only with words but with this gift!”

Although this semester was different from what Arsh Dadbwal (2019 MPP) expected, she feels grateful for what the school has done so far for the students. “I think it is nice, and it makes me feel a little less sad about a hiking trip that we were supposed to have done this semester. Everything the school has done regarding COVID-19 has been excellent, and we feel well cared for. These kinds of events will also bring the whole school community together.”

The slogan for the Live Green campaign, “Give Up Convenience”, is written on each tumbler, and Musa M. Kromah (2019 MPP) highly appreciates what the school promotes. “It is a very good initiative, and we should protect the environment for our future generations. If we do not care about environmental problems, they will have to be dealt with by future generations.”

John Tinashe Chikwemba (2020, MDP) mentioned that he would take this tumbler to his country of Malawi. “It is very meaningful that the school promotes this campaign for nature. This tumbler is not just a gift, but a reminder of what we have to do.”