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KDI School Opens 2020

12 Feb, 2020 KDIS News Center 2,750

KDI School kicked off the 2020 academic year with the Opening Ceremony and Orientation.

This Spring Semester, 309 new students from 58 countries came to join the KDI School. The orientation was held to help students maneuver through their first year on campus. Students learned about campus services such as the Visa/Immigration service and health service. KDI School faculty members and staff also delivered information on dormitory rules and student life in Sejong City.

Students broke out based on their majors (Ph.D., MPP, MDP, MPM, MIPD) and scholarship groups (GAS, Colombo Plan, GLF, MIPD, FSS-KFB-KDIS, Chung Mong-Koo Foundation) to receive the necessary information.

Even though the orientation had to be shortened due to Novel Coronavirus, students gained sufficient information about academic and support resources to start their year on the right foot.